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Have you made your city safer? Taken actions to protect city inhabitants from hazards? Raised awareness about resilience?

Trends in Urban Resilience is UN-Habitat’s flagship publication tracking the global players and shifts in urban resilience.

We’re looking for new cases for the 2019 edition and invite you to submit your proposal. More info at
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What action was completed? And when?
What was the incentive/problem you addressed?
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What challenges did you experiencing during the implementation of this solution?
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Linkages to the New Urban Agenda, Agenda 2030 and SDGs
Linkages to other global agendas and frameworks
Before you submit... we estimate that your involvement will require a commitment of 3 full working days to cover writing and editing. Selected cases will be given a copy of the publication and may be invited to present their case at events or online fora. If you are sure you want to submit, click below.

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